Model H90U Chicken Coop Motor f




automatically opens and closes HINGED or sliding doors in chicken coops, rabbit hutches and similar enclosures. 

Saves you time every day and helps protect your valuable hens and eggs.


No AC electric power, no problem … you can use a solar battery.




Includes: Motor, mounting hardware, AC-DC Adapter, door connectors, springs,

illustrated instructions, and one-year warranty … plus “our commitment to keep

your motor running for years after the warranty by stocking low cost repair

parts that you can easily install”.                                                $94.95 to $104.95







  • Reliable and easy to use.  Adapts to hinged doors up to 7 pounds and sliding doors to 4 pounds.

  • Automatic time schedule operation.  Simply plug it into your lamp timer switch.  The H90U automatically opens and closes your door at the times you desire.

  • In the evening, the motor pulls your door closed and "loads" the included Door Opening-String.  In the morning, the motor reverses direction and the Opening-Spring pulls your door open at a safe controlled speed.

  • A convenience that saves you valuable time every day and helps protect your hens and eggs.

  • If AC electric power is not available, use a 12-volt solar battery and timer described below.

  • One-year warranty ... plus our commitment to keep your motor running for years after the warranty by stocking low cost repair parts that you can easily install.




You decide what time your coop door opens and closes - thereafter it's automatic!


Sleep a little later.  Your H90U will automatically open the door each morning allowing your hens to feed or free-range on their own.


If you arrive home late, or if the weather is so bad you can't go out to your coop, relax because chickens enter the coop about the same time every day, and your H90U will automatically close the door at the time you set.  For added safety, see the section below about Free Plans for Automatic Night Light.

You can also set multiple door openings and closings each day.  This can benefit in several ways.  It can influence egg production by exposing hens to longer periods of daylight by preventing them from re-entering the coop too soon.  It can foil small predators that sneak-in to steal eggs after your hens are out.  And, it can manage heat inside the coop.


Raccoons, fox, dogs, cats, coyotes, etc. eventually give up and go elsewhere. 




“I can leave my chickens for the weekend and not worry.”   Steve, Vermont


“My chickens make a ruckus if I don't open the door on time, and then my neighbors complain. My problem is that I can't get up at that hour because of my work schedule.  I really appreciate the good sleep that I now get because of my new motor.”  

Cindy, California


“My husband gave it to me as a gift.   I thought it was silly but now I’d never give it up.”   

Robin, Texas


“Nice product … saves me time and I don’t lose sleep wondering if I closed the door.”  Jack, Missouri


“I work on machinery that must operate in a dirty environment.  My chicken coop gets dirty too so I didn’t expect the motor to last.  After years of daily use it finally quit.  I called thinking I had to buy a new motor but your rep diagnosed the problem.  I only needed a $9 part and repaired it myself.  Now it’s back at work and good to go.  Thank you”   DJ, Louisiana


“I don’t lose chickens and eggs to varmints like I used to.  Motor paid for itself in a few months.”  Meg, Oregon


“The battery feature is quite satisfactory given no electric power at our hen house.”   Edward, UK






dusk-to-dawn timers do NOT work correctly.  They can give a false dusk signal that locks your chickens out overnight.


We recommend lamp timer switches.  Our favorite is a digital timer with battery backup because it will save your settings and correct time-of-day during a power outage (battery does not run motor).  Some are “astronomic” and automatically adjust to daylight savings time changes.  We also like rotary dial timers that are inexpensive, easy to use and reliable.




If electric power in your area goes off for only short periods of time, you only need to use a digital timer with a battery backup. However, if power goes off frequently for long periods, or is unpredictable, you can use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that will give you peace of mind and keep your chickens safe.  Sometimes called a backup power supply, these devices are low cost (as low $50.00) and can keep your chicken coop door opening and closing on your time schedule during long power interruptions.  Here is how it works ... and it’s simple!


Plug the UPS power cord into an AC electric outlet in your coop.  Next, plug your lamp timer into one of the UPS power outlets. Then, plug the motor into your timer.  When AC power is being supplied by your utility company, the UPS passes it directly through to your timer and keeps it running and ready to open and close your coop door at the appropriate times.  But, if AC goes off, the UPS “makes” its own AC power.  Inside the UPS is a power sensor, battery, and voltage converter.  Whenever AC power goes off, the sensor instantly connects the battery to the converter which makes AC power.  That keeps anything plugged into it running as normal. So, if AC power goes off when your coop door is supposed to open or close, everything will still work as you scheduled, for up to several hours.  When AC power is restored, the UPS uses it to recharge its battery and prepare for the next interruption.


UPS devices are available at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Staples etc.  The higher the rating the longer period of time it will keep things running (600VA has longer lasting power than 450VA).  Shop around for best deal ... but never buy used.


3. Automatic night light  

FREE PLANS ... Build automatic night light and security system for your coop.   Click here


Here is how it works, and how it can help you.

  • When the H90U motor closes your coop door, a low watt light outside your coop automatically switches ON.

  • Area around your coop is lit so you can see if any chickens are still outside.  The light actively discourages predators, but also lets you see if any are bold enough to be around.

  • The light can be seen from a great distance and provides visual confirmation that the door is closed.

  • The light automatically switches OFF when motor opens the door.

  • Works with or without motor.  Light turns ON and OFF if door is manually opened and closed.


If your coop does not have AC electric you can use a 12-battery, 12-volt timer and solar charger.

Here is what you need:


Battery: Output 12-volts, 20Ah or more.  Example: Sealed Lead-Acid battery available at many stores or on-line.  Buy new, and with a plug-in charger.

Solar Panel: Output 12 to 18 volts.  Example: American Hunter Solar Charger at or comparable.

Timer: Input 12-volts.  Example: Model TM619 at  Do not use timer with Hi-Low motor speed control.


SHIPPING AND available models

We ship throughout the world.  Our motors can be used in any country regardless of AC electric power supply or socket.  The following examples are what we supply and what you may need depending on your location.


We will send you an email confirmation of your order, and a second email when it ships.  Domestic orders usually ship within 24 hours by Priority Mail so you can expect to receive your motor in just a few days. 



Model H90U for use in USA ... Canada ... Mexico

Model H90U with AC-DC Adapter: $104.95.  If for a sliding door, please state that on order page Comment section.

Included Adapter plugs into standard AC outlet.  H90U motor can also be operated by optional 12-volt battery. 

Priority Mail = $9.90


Canada and Mexico.  Orders shipped uninsured mail.  If you required insurance, please specify on Order Page in Comment Section.  Shipping rates:

Uninsured First Class Mail = $15.65 (10 to 12 days delivery).

Insured First Class Mail = $31.50 (6 to 10 days delivery).


Model H90U-X for use in Australia ... Europe

Model H90U-X: $94.95.  Customer supplies AC-DC Adapter or 12-volt battery and timer.


Requires 12-volt battery or AC-DC Adapter with 12-volts DC, 1 Amp, unregulated output, with round plug 5.5-mm OD x 2.1-mm ID, center-positive (a common Adapter and plug worldwide).


Australia and Europe.  Orders shipped uninsured mail.  If you required insurance, please specify on Order Page in Comment Section. Shipping rates:

Uninsured First Class Mail = $18.50 (10 to 14 days delivery).

Insured First Class Mail = $49.80 (6 to 10 days delivery).


Fax orders: 1-480-836-4208

Toll-free telephone orders: 1-888-233-6686, 8:30 am to 4 pm, M-F, Arizona time. 

We accept AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.



Product Questions

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