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We manufacture motors for your ...















       Add remote control to                     Add remote control to                  Chicken coop motors

           to existing patio                        existing drapery or vertical                     $89.95 to $104.95

             umbrella $79.95                          rotating blind.  $129.95                                         Model D20

                      Model 154                                                         Model 80                                                   Model H90U


  • Manufactured in USA from domestic and imported components.

  • One year written warranty included with Owner's Manual.

  • Refund Policy: If not satisfied, return within 30 days for refund.  Details here.

In business 20 years.  Our commitment is to keep our motors running as long as possible.

So even if your motor is 15 years old, we have repair parts you can install.

Visit www.repairmymotor.net to learn how you can get an old motor running again.




Add-a-Motor, Inc

Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Add-a-Motor TM is a trademark of Add-a-Motor, Inc.

Patents may be applicable for Model 80, Model D20, Model H90U and Model 154.



If you have questions, please contact us at info@add-a-motor.com


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International customers can purchase some products from the following distributors.


Australia:    Envious Technology  www.envioustechnology.com.au 

                      Whome  www.whomedigital.com.au


Canada:       AARtech Canada Home Automation  www.aartech.ca

                      RobotShop, Inc.  www.robotshop.ca


Europe:       Human Tech, LLC  www.htaps.dk

                      Intellihome BE  www.intellihome.be



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